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Freelance Artist

Email me for full resume.

Skills & Abilities

​I have had a good degree of experience creating 2D and 3D visualizations and animations. I have a good 'cross-over' skill set, from many other industry sectors. I provide a range of creative services including 2D & 3D animation, logos, 3D modelling, concept design, graphic design, web design, VFX illustration, gifs, banners, music and more. I have experience in many software programs / apps. ​I can create projects for corporate, educational, personal, internet, film, TV, Music, and more.  



General Artist,  2D /3D Artist and Animator,  Music , sound effects, theme artist,  Hardware Technician  


 I have worked as a freelance artist for many years.  I have strong artistic recognition with various companies around the world like Reallusion, EA Games, NASA, Nvidia etc. I have created over 230 animations of various types, worked on games, music production and much more.

Education: Graduate 

Academy of Art, San Francisco

Computer Institute, San Francisco



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