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Character Creator 3

Universal 3D Character Platform By Reallusion

Review By : Kevin Seid / 2D 3D Artist and Animator

School: Academy of Art University

Over the years, Kevin Seid’s talents have been applied in renown large and small AAA studios

including EA games, NASA TV and others. He also offers his services as a freelance artist when

available. His many high-quality works can be found on his website, Facebook, YouTube and other

social media channels.



Excellent Real-time Quality with PBR

Hello my name is Kevin Seid and I am a specialized 3D artist that has been a long-time admirer and user of Reallusion tools, and I’m excited to say that Reallusion has done it again with Character Creator 3!

Character creator 3 is a powerful character creation application by Reallusion, which has managed to streamline the avatar generation process.

In the past I have used many other character creation applications, but Character Creator 3 stands out as one of the best I have discovered so far. I fired up Character Creator 3 and spent a short time going through some of the basic features. It starts off just like most avatar applications with a standard naked character in a T- pose. The user interface is fairly easy to learn, and quite intuitive and similar to other applications. What I really like is the basic set up of the application, along with the real-time quality of the work space with PBR as it far exceeds other applications on the market. (When you are designing complex characters this can make all the difference in your workflow.)

Quickly Create High-Quality PBR Characters

Like other applications, you can drag and drop clothing and accessories onto the characters and adjust sliders to alter characters shapes and forms to your liking. You can also create savable, customized sliders which you can use on any other characters you later create. In a short amount of time, I was able to make a highly detailed, PBR texture-rich character that was ready for animating in a game or using in an animated feature film.

DAZ Poser Transformer

One of the most important features of any application in the 3D world is its ability to integrate with other 3D applications. Character creator 3 handles import and export very well and with the DAZ 3D transformer feature, as it easily enables you to import DAZ and Poser characters and content into Character Creator 3 with just one-click.

Easily Create Game and Film Ready Characters

Character Creator has many great features that provide lots of options for creating and designing the custom characters you need. Once you have taken the time to create a character and you are all set to export, you can then use the InstaLOD feature to reduce the polygon count of the character for export. It’s interesting because the more you learn about Character Creator 3, the deeper you can go with the customization of characters, clothing and accessories.

Photorealistic Rendering with Iray Plug-in

Another powerful CC3 feature is the Iray rendering plug-in, which is a photorealistic render engine created by NVIDIA. Iray comes as an optional plug-in for Character Creator 3, depending on which bundle you buy. For anyone wanting to create amazing photorealistic stills of characters, this is a great new option, easily making it one of the best applications for professionals, studios and even hobbyists.


Character Creator 3 is feature-rich standalone tool that complements Reallusion’s arsenal of tools, including iClone’s optional motion capture capabilities that can animate any character with any mocap hardware in a very short time.

In my experience, together Character Creator 3 and iClone are a full film and animation system that every AAA toolbox should have. Users should also feel confident of buying into this powerful ecosystem as Reallusion is a real contender in today’s market thanks to an array of amazing products at affordable prices. Thank you.

Character Creator 3 Pipeline

Starting at $199.00

Includes 500+ Content Assets GoZ, Polygon Reduction & OBJ/FBX export capability Perpetual License

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